Beating Your Burnout

Over 60% of us have feelings of burnout based on a 2022 global survey of adults in over 40 countries. Burnout is a fast growing phenomenon and is the newest, long-form of stress symptoms. Read on to find out how it causes all this trouble and what we can do to counteract its effects.

Burnout is when we experience a combination of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by extended periods of high stress. And it’s absolutely not limited to our jobs, it can happen it many situations like in our romantic relationships or when being someone’s caretaker.

But it can generally be boiled down to one simple thing - trying to do too much on our own. It places us in long-term stressful situations over and over again, each time releasing adrenaline into our bodies and draining us of physical and emotional energy.

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adrenaline’s biggest side effect is exhaustion…

And while Adrenaline is an essential part of coping with stress, it’s not intended to be rushing through our bloodstream non-stop. It’s what causes our bodies to go into overdrive so we can be hyper-focused, but that overdrive setting is very taxing on our bodies and mind.

…but Nootropics can help us bounce back.

Nootropics, like those found in our Sads Smashing soak, help our bodies create and use more Norepinephrine which is kind of like the opposite of Adrenaline (also known as Epinephrine). Where Adrenaline drains our energies, Norepinephrine replenishes them instead, helping us remain resilient so we don’t reach the bottom of our energy barrel.


3 out of 5 of us are having some degree of burnout?

but, how do we know if we’re actually feeling burnout?

Since Burnout effects us in three ways - physical, emotional, and mental - we can walk through a checklist to see if we’re feeling many of these symptoms.

Physical symptoms include feeling tired, having difficulty sleeping, experiencing a change in appetite, or dealing with headaches or muscle pain. Emotional symptoms include lacking motivation, experiencing feelings of self-doubt, failure or loneliness, an overall feeling of dissatisfaction. Mental symptoms include social isolation, not performing your responsibilities, work-related anger outbursts

If we’re noticing symptoms across all three categories, chances are you’re in at least the beginning stages of Burnout. And it something that you want to take steps to reverse before it can become acute.

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