magnesium powered stresscare

100% active vitamin, mineral and nootropic bath soaks to fight away your stress.

4.9/5 out of 50,000+ customers

4 out of 5 of us don’t get enough stress fighting magnesium

Proven stress relief ingredients help stop anxiety, insomnia, muscle aches, and overwhelmed feelings.


reduce stress hormones
like adrenaline
to feel relaxed


calms muscle tension and inflammation to
reduce soreness


resets sleep cycle to
fall asleep faster, and
stay asleep longer


naturally boosts
serotonin production
to lift mood


get your stress fighting fuel

stresscare sampler

4.9 / 5 out of 50,000+ customers

• 12 soaks, 4 different varieties

3 anxiety destroying, 3 insomnia ending, 3 ache erasing, and 3 sads smashing

• put stress on notice

15 minutes to replenish your body with 5-days’ worth of the stress-fighting fuel it needs

• magnesium-powered stresscare

Flewd uses magnesium, vitamins, minerals and nootropics to increase serotonin, reduce cortisol and dampen adrenaline.


rinsed my anxiety down the drain

"I am a person who has extreme anxiety during the luteal phase of my monthly cycles and feel like my body is rebelling against me during those weeks. Baths help, but a bath with flewd changed the game for me. I felt tension release and was able to keep stress at bay after my bath. I was skeptical at first, but after using three of the soaks, I’m in love and will be purchasing again. My boyfriend noticed a difference between these soaks and epsom baths and bath products are not usually on his radar. If you’re on the fence, go for it. Flewd is worth it!"

Samantha O.


omg, freaking

"I've had a good feeling about this product but it has exceeded my expectation. I have tried pretty much most things that has something to do with sleep, anxiety, relaxation etc.... but this thing really worked and I am all in with these products!!!!"

Kanako J.


well that's

"Very skeptical about any type of product like this. For the past decade I’ve dealt with debilitating anxiety, over the last year my hair has been falling out in large amounts every time I bathe, never been an issue before. Got these as a birthday present exactly one month ago… WOW! My hair has completely stopped coming out, not diminished completely stopped. My anxiety is as low as it’s ever been, I feel so much better emotionally, the only change I’ve made in the last month is these. I’ll definitely be a buying more!!!"

Amanda S.


nothing beats Flewd soaks for stress relief

Flewd soaks

epsom salts

bath bombs

boost serotonin production

increase serotonin uptake

reduce cortisol release

dampen adrenaline's effects


"I have purchased many different bath soaks over the years. Flewd is the first product that delivers. My husband is such a skeptic...So far he has used them more than I!"

Brian M.


these are
absolutely legit

"This is the first time that a soak
actually helped my post leg day
doms. Seriously my new favorite post
heavy workout routine."

Jill D.


the best soaks
I ever used

"These bath soaks are NEXT LEVEL. The
scents are amazing, but don't irritate my skin like many other brands. I felt a superior amount of relaxation versus other salts."

Beth P.


put stress

on notice

15-minute, mood-shifting soaks
to help you destroy stress when
you need it most.